Heal Your Life – Lose the Weight / 6 Week Program

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Learn to LOSE WEIGHT … through your THOUGHTS !!

As a certified holistic nurse and a nurse with over 25 years of experience at Stanford Healthcare, this course focuses on the mind, emotions & behaviors necessary to help you lay a solid foundation for positive change — and real weight loss — in your life!

Our culture tends to put a lot of emphasis on weight & this can be very stressful. Magazines, TV shows and pop culture icons are obsessed with weight and looking like models/movie stars … this causes people to lose hope. My class does not offer a “quick fix” or an “overnight success.” Instead, I focus on how a person can change from the inside out!

Generally speaking — and from my own experience — many people who are overweight have been judging themselves or have been judged by others most of their life. Criticism, anger and shame often result from these repressed feelings that remain stifled within our being and we learn NOT to accept ourselves. Genuine self acceptance is a key to successful weight loss!

Before starting this program, I recommend that all participants check with a doctor and nutritionist to ensure that this program aligns with your overall health goals and current health conditions. Additionally, this program is targeted to mentally healthy women & men who are at least 10 lbs. overweight. If necessary, I am happy to make referrals to professional therapists if you need assistance with more serious or chronic mental health issues.

This course is intended for self-development and informational purposes only – it is not intended to be the only solution for any weight related challenges you may be experiencing. Every group participant will need to sign a “Hold Harmless” agreement prior to signing up for this course which simply declares that you are responsible for your own actions during the CHANGE YOUR THINKING & LOSE THE WEIGHT Course. Total program is 6 weeks – meeting for 3 hrs once a week for 6 weeks – total education time is 18 hours.

Participants must agree to attend the full 6 week course for the purpose of group cohesion, confidentiality (closed group), mutual support & interactive processes.

Information necessary for participants to sign up for this workshop include the following:

• Name
• Address
• Phone Number
• Email
• Hold Harmless Agreement / Full 6 week program Agreement
• Payment in full by PayPal link (I will send to you via email or text)

Payments must be made at least 1 week prior to the start of Workshop #1.

Facilated by Joan Rubano, RN, MSOD, HNB-BC, CSLC, Licensed Workshop Leader.

Approved by Louse Hay. Licensed by Hay House Inc. & Heart Inspired.