“I believe in the power of the whole BE-ing to heal our deepest wounds & to provide guidance in living consciously created lives so we can embrace our true power, abundance, joy, love, freedom, faith & connection with ourselves & everyone / everything in the world around us!”

— Joan Rubano


Joan copy

Certified Holistic Nurse / Holistic Life Coach

Breath & Body Work / Meditation

Stress Reduction / Alchemical Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Understanding Emotions / Mind-Body Awareness

Healthy Boundaries / Confident Communication

Mindful Transformation / Graceful Aging

Creative Grief Coach / Dying Consciously Facilitator

Heal Your Life Workshop Facilitator

Self – Care Workshops

Wellness Retreats

Joan serves as a professional & caring guide to help you achieve your own personal map towards EVOLUTIONARY WELLNESS OF BEING™

She provides an array of integrative methodologies, to assist others in achieving positive & congruent alignment of their Body-Mind-Emotions-Spirit.

She is committed to encouraging others to live happier, healthier, more empowered & more abundant lives!

Joan enjoys living in California with her family & happily continues her journeys as a holistic nurse, coach, teacher, bodyworker, guide, seeker, world-traveler & spiritual evolutionist.

Self Care
Personal Empowerment
Healing After Loss
Finding Joy & Peace
Creating Abundance
Spirituality / Meditation / Mindfulness
Holistic Wellness


* Stanford Healthcare – Registered Nurse with over 25 years of experience at Stanford Healthcare.

* MSOD – Master’s Organizational Development

* Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) –certified by Otto Krieger & Associates.

* BSN – Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

* Holistic Nurse – certified by American Holistic Nurses Association. REIKI / Level 1 & 2 – certified. (People & Pets)

* Holistic / Spiritual Life Coach – certified by a spiritual life coaching program that utilizes a proprietary, clinically-proven & results driven training system supported by over 30 years of research & 15 years of clinical field testing – accredited by the AADP.

* Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner – certified. (People and Pets)

* Dying Consciously Facilitator – Supporting you during life’s most challenging transition from life into death. (People & Pets)

* Creative Grief Coach – certified. Supporting you in your journey of healing after loss / grief. (People & Pets)

* Alchemical Hypnosis Practitioner – certified in a unique methodology which synthesizes psychology, spirituality & the subconscious mind to facilitate inner knowing & self-empowerment; approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

* Therapeutic Yoga – certified.

* Somatic Healing / Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

* Breathwork / Meditation

* Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader – certified in the work of Louise Hay.