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Joan Rubano RN, MSOD, BSN, HNB-BC, CSLC is a certified holistic nurse, certified holistic life coach, licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader (Louise Hay), somatic bodyworker, & alchemical hypnotherapy practitioner (soon to be certified) who serves as a professional & caring guide to help others achieve their own personal great-ness!!

Joan is passionate about her work as a holistic nurse & life/leadership coach who does integrative work to help others achieve a positive & congruent alignment of their Body, Mind & Spirit! She is committed to assisting others in leading happier, healthier, more successful & more empowered lives right now! She believes in the power of Body-Mind-Spirit to heal our deepest wounds & to provide guidance in living consciously created lives so we can embrace the freedom, love, joy, faith, abundance, connection & one-ness with all that is our birthright!

She has an all-inclusive coaching practice upon which she draws from a variety of modalities to “tailor-make” programs to meet the unique needs of each client.

Additionally, she facilitates workshops locally, nationally & internationally that promote personal empowerment, stress/mood management, mindfulness/meditation & “evolutionary wellness of being” through the alignment of BODY – MIND – SPIRIT.

Joan enjoys living in Northern California with her family & happily continues her journeys as a nurse, coach, teacher, healer, seeker, world-traveler & spiritual evolutionist.

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